Inner Wheel Club of Edinburgh

Syllabus 2019-2020

 September 12th    
History of Queensberry House - Jenny S Calcott
 October 10th
A Bit of Fun - Paper Folding - Vi Romanis
 November 14th
The Fishwives of Fisherrow
 December 12th Festive Lunch
 January 9th
Confessions of a Moderator’s Wife
 February 13th Chaplaincy Advisor to H M Prisons.- Rev Sheena Orr
 March 12th
 April 9th
Won’t You Join the Dance? - Wendy Doran
 May 14th Hidden Women in Scottish History - Karen McCormack
 June 11th
EMMS - Dan Reynolds / Handover


Club Executive

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Book-folding hedgehogs

book folding


Members display the Twiddlemuffs. Photo 5

Visit from India

September 16th. Meeting with Tapashi Das from Kolkata. Pic 3

Tapashi Das from Kalkotta met some of our members.

The Gourmet Group

The Gourmet Group at Dine. Photo 6

Stuttgart Inner Wheel

We again had the pleasure of hosting some visitors from Stuttgart Inner Wheel Club, showing them some of the sights of Edinburgh, and enjoying each others' company.

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Shawls for the Hamlin Fistula Hospital

shawls fistula


Trauma Teddies

trauma teddies knitting

Some of our ladies knitting trauma teddies. These are used by Police Scotland when they are involved in situations where young children are upset, frightened or have witnessed something traumatic. The teddies help police officers when they are working with the children to comfort them.

trauma teddies


 Club Executive

2018 executive

2018-2019 Executive (less Treasurer Susan)





One of the attractions of living in Edinburgh is that it is easy to escape. It is not that I underestimate the pleasures of living in the city. With its festivals to celebrate almost every conceivable cultural activity, and some of dubious cultural value too with museums and art galleries; with its good sports facilities and beautifuI gardens; it would be difficult to find another city in the world with as much to offer. All one needs to enjoy these things is a plentiful supply of warm clothes and good wind-proofing! Visually, too, we have amazing skylines and architecture large areas representing different historical periods, with many buildings having associations with famous figures from the past.

In the last few years, too, we have seen interesting new developments in the city centre, notably the Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street, the new buildings near the west end of Princes Street, and the Scotsman Office and Dynamic Earth Exhibition Centre down towards Holyrood Palace Meanwhile in that same area we await developments for the famous "hole in the ground"; the controversy surrounding the new Parliament building certainly adds spice to life! All this, both young and old, is within reasonable walking distance and gives the impression of a very compact city.

Climb Arthur's Seat and you get a wonderful view of the Forth, which provides a natural city boundary to the north. However, from the top of Arthur's Seat, you can also see fingers of urban sprawl and there are, of course, areas of the city which can only be described as ugly. Some of the buildings which went up in the aftermath of the Second World War have become ghettos for the people who live in them, although fortunately some of their problems are now being tackled. One of the consequences of the way Edinburgh has developed over the centuries is the shortage of socially mixed areas in which to live. This has a knock-on effect on the schools and even the local shops. As a result it is possible to find yourself living in a comfortable cocoon, so that from time to time you feel the need to burst out and stretch your wings. At such times you appreciate the ease with which you can escape the city!



Second Thursday of the month. No meetings in July or August.


12.30 pm


Royal Scots Club, 29-31 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6QE

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Margaret Semple 2

President Margaret Semple