History of Inner Wheel

From its very beginnings Friendship and Service have always been at the heart of Inner Wheel.

Since its inception on 10th January 1924 in Manchester, Inner Wheel continues to grow as new Clubs form. We currently have 680 clubs in Great Britain & Ireland with approximately 17,000 members.

International Inner Wheel was formed in 1967 and we are active in 103 countries and geographical locations with 100,000 members in 3,895 clubs.

International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women's Voluntary Service Organisation in the world, and we hold Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) status with the United Nations and have representatives in its three centres of Geneva, New York and Vienna and are therefore able to play an important role in today’s world.

Members enjoy working together making new friends and having fun whilst experiencing the sense of ‘belonging’ that Club life brings. Visiting members wherever we are in the world is a great joy and the start of lifelong friendships.

However that is by no means the sole objective of Inner Wheel, as Service to those less fortunate than ourselves - the vulnerable, young people and the elderly - both at home and in developing countries is equally important. It is given in many ways, from general long term support to providing goods, funds and practical ‘hands on’ help in emergencies and disaster areas, and our members are among the first to respond.