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On behalf of District 2 thank you for visiting our website. In it you will find a little about Inner Wheel and our clubs in southern Scotland. We hope you find it interesting

DC Julie2

Well here we are again! As you know I didn’t expect to be in this position but let’s make this year better than last year! Family news update- my now three-year-old grandson is to have a brother or sister in December and 2019 will see me as mother of the groom to my youngest, Simon when he marries Hannah in July

My family give me immense joy, especially my grandson Jack. I have now been retired from business for four years but keep my brain ticking over by doing the accounts for a local engineer.

I have been a member of The Musselburgh Inner Wheel club since 2009 and have served two years as Treasurer and was President in 2014/15.

The Inner Wheel Club of Musselburgh certainly adheres to the ethos of Inner Wheel and I personally have been grateful for the support and friendship I have received from the members.

My first introduction to the District was in 2015 in the role of International Service Chairman, followed by Vice Chairman and District Chairman.

I am honoured to be Chairman of District 2 again this year and I am looking forward to meeting members in the District at events, some of you old friends and hopefully some new ones as well.
Let us move forward to “Empower and Evolve” in our communities this year.

Julie Ramsay
District Chairman 2018-2019


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District Rally 2019


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 District 2


 District 2 covers Central and Southern Scotland from Lanarkshire through Edinburgh to the east coast and down through the Borders


Club visits

Thurs 13th Sept Eastern Borders
Wed 19th Sept Kirkcudbright
Tues 2nd Oct Motherwell & Wishaw
Thur 4th Oct Monklands
Thurs 11th Oct Edinburgh
Tues 16th Oct Galashiels
Wed 17th Oct Musselburgh
Thurs 18th Oct Tranent
Tues 6th Nov Larkhall
Thurs 8th Nov Falkirk
Thurs 8th Nov Lanark
Mon 26th Nov Corstorphine